Cleanse the skin with a session of Finnish sauna

The benefactions of the sauna: better health and balance of the skin
The sauna is a rite well-being native of Finland. He(it) consists in staying in a room(part,play) warmed at high temperature during a few moments then to go out of it to take advantage of the alternation chaudfroid. The action(share) of the heat and the cold return this particularly healthy rite for the skin but not that.

By entering the sauna, the body is faced with a temperature bordering 80°c. The reaction of the cardiovascular system to this temperature is immediate: dilation of blood vessels and increase of the heart rhythm.
The skin begins then perspiring(transpiring) abundantly, pores dilate. The body secret of the endorphins which help in the relaxation.
At the end of 10-15 minutes, we go out of the sauna to take a shower or a cold bath. The action(share) of the cold tightens the pores of the skin and revitalizes the body. We alternate then until three times the alternations chaudfroid by not forgetting to rehydrate well between every passage in the sauna to get back the perspired(transpired) water. It is indeed possible to lose up to a liter of water during a session of sauna.
Contrary to the hammam, the heat of the sauna is dry and felt in a more intense way. It is better to begin the session of sauna on benches lower to become used to the temperature.
A session of sauna = three passages of various durations
Theoretically, we consider that the time(weather) which you can cross(spend) in a sauna does not have to exceed(irritate) 1 hour at 1:30 am a day. Furthermore, know that the sessions are cut in reality in 3 passages from the sauna:
· The first passage lasts generally between 5 and 10 minutes: the perspiration appears between 3 and 5 minutes after your entrance(entry) to the sauna, and the heat can seem to you stifling during this first passage. It is moreover preferable that you take a seat(take place) on the lowest seat(sofa). When you finish this first passage, it is recommended to take a cold shower and to rest(base) you dozens of minutes before returning to the sauna.
· The second passage also lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, and the heat can seem to you more bearable. By going out of this second passage, resume(take back) a fresh(cool) shower and rest again, between 15 and 30 minutes.
For the third passage, you can intend to stay between 10 and 15 minutes in the sauna. Resume a last cold shower by going out, and think of drinking an important quantity of water to compensate for the loss of water engendered by the sweating.

Price of a daily session sauna: 30 euros/hour


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